Exciting Apple iOS 17.4 Update: Enhancements and Solutions

As you all know, Apple has recently pushed its Apple iOS 17.4 update. Apple has made many changes and improvements in this iOS 17.4 update, and this update is important for European Union users, so let’s see what features and changes Apple has made.

Apple ios-17.4

What is new in this Apple iOS 17.4 update?

On September 18, 2023, Apple launched the latest version of its operating system, iOS 17. Since its launch, Apple has released several updates for iOS 17. The latest update is now available globally, but there are some specific changes made for users in the European Union (EU) region.

One of the biggest changes in this update is the addition of the side-loading apps feature. You can now download and install apps from third-party stores that are not available on the App Store. However, this feature is limited to EU users only.

Another significant change is the ability to set a different browser as your default browser, apart from Safari. This feature is also limited to EU users. Apple has now also started supporting third-party payment methods, allowing users to make payments through third-party apps using NFC. However, this feature is also limited to the EU region.

It’s important to note that all the above new features are only available for users in the EU region and are not currently available in other countries.

New Emojis

I know you all love emojis. Using Messenger seems incomplete without emojis. Apple has added some new emojis in this update. If you click on an emoji on the keyboard, you will see emojis there.

Apple Podcasts Transcripts and Music Player

Apple has further enhanced the experience by fixing bugs related to the music player. Apple’s UI for music players and podcasts has been changed. The transcript will also be synced with the audio. Currently, English, Spanish, French, and German ​​are supported.

ios 17.4 Podcast transcript

Siri now supports multiple languages.

A new feature has been added to Siri; now Siri will also announce messages. This feature is special in whatever supported language, so I like it, but considering the privacy, some people may not like it.


Apple has made changes to the battery for the iPhone 15 series. When you see the battery cycle count, it will be written that after 1000 cycles, the battery will reduce by 20%. The rest of the iPhone has 500 cycles, so this is a good thing. The battery has been made even more durable for the Apple iPhone 15 series, which is clearly visible in it.

Features like battery cycle count and battery charge limit are exclusive to Apple’s 15 series, and Apple has not made them available on the iPhone 13 and 14 yet.

Is there a battery drain issue with Apple iOS 17.4 or not?

There is no such problem related to battery; even after the update, sometimes the problem of battery draining or heating occurs, but there is no problem related to battery in this update.

Apple iOS 17.4 Performance


No such issue is seen in performance; there may be slight ups and downs, but there is no significant difference in performance. I haven’t noticed any glitches or apps crashing suddenly yet.


There are no network problems in iOS 17. If you update to any version of iOS 17, you should not experience any network issues related to Apple’s network. The problem has been completely resolved, and WIFI, Bluetooth, and network connections should work smoothly.

Final conclusion

Lastly, in this update, I want to tell you that Apple has fixed many bugs and also enhanced the security, so I think this update is an important update and you should install this update.

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