Hey there! I’m Rishabh, the face behind ClockFeed. I’m a commerce grad who loves to chat about everything, from the latest tech buzz to everyday news. ClockFeed is where I make news and stories simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Our Story

ClockFeed is like your friendly neighbor who always has something interesting to share. Even though I’m into commerce, I’ve found a way to make news exciting for all of us.

What We Do

At ClockFeed, we cover everything – from the Trending headlines to the little stories that make you smile. It’s not just about tech; it’s about everything that matters. Whether you’re a news buff or just dipping your toes, ClockFeed has something for you.

Why We’re Different

What makes ClockFeed stand out is that we take everyday ideas and mix them with the most exciting news. Our articles are like stories that connect different parts of our world, making news relatable and easy to understand.