Secure Your iPhone Apps: Guide to Setting Up App Lock

If you need to set an app lock on your phone, then you have come to the right place. Setting app lock on an iPhone is a very complicated task for some people. In this blog, we will tell you how to set the iPhone app lock and how you can use it.

Apple iOS does not have a feature like app lock by default, but we have shortcut apps by default in Apple iOS. With the help of it, we will create an automation, and then, with the help of it, you will be able to set your lock.

Suppose you have given your phone to a friend to use; any echo can occur.
Friends, if you try to open your social media app, it will immediately lock your phone and ask for the password. So let’s see how to install app lock on your iPhone.

How do you set the app lock on your iPhone?

I am sharing the steps to set up some app locks. To set up the app on your phone, you have to follow the given steps on your iPhone.

Click on the “Automation” tab below.

Now, in the search box, locate the desired app and open it.

Next, you’ll be prompted to select the app you wish to apply the lock to.

Then, click on “Run immediately” and proceed by clicking the “Next” button.

Afterwards, you’ll need to click on “New Blank Automation.”.

Following that, click on “Add Action.”. In this section, we can configure various tasks to execute automatically after the app opens, similar to how we’re setting up the app lock now.

Once you’ve accessed “Add Action,” search for “Lock Screen” and select it.

Finally, confirm your selection by clicking “Done.”.

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