Apple Vision Pro features, specs, price, release date, and more 2024

The one that everyone was eagerly waiting for has finally been launched by Apple in the United States: the Apple Vision Pro. It will be available in Apple stores on February 2nd. Apple announced it in 2023, and now, after one year, we are getting to see it.

So, let’s take a look at what features the Vision Pro “revolutionary spatial computer.” has to offer. Here, you will get complete information about its software, hardware, and features. Let’s go.

Apple Vision Pro

What is Apple Vison Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset created by Apple. This Vision Pro VR headset turns your world into a virtual one that looks so real.
You can experience any world virtually without going anywhere with the help of Vision Pro, including sound effects.

How Apple Vision Pro Works

Everyone must be wondering how Apple Vision Pro works. We assure you that Apple Vision Pro works. Vision Pro has front-facing cameras that capture the real world and are shown on the screens. Which is fitted inside Vision Pro, where you can feel the real world in virtual form.

Vision Pro also tracks your eyes and hands, so that whichever direction you look is selected and the movements of fingers and hands are also tracked, so you can complete the task.

There is so little latency between the camera installed in it and the display key that you will not even notice it. This is Apple’s first generation product but it still works well.

Apple Vision Pro setup

If you wear glasses, you’ll first need to order special lenses that will fit the Apple Vision Pro. For this, you must give your lens size in the Apple store or you can check all the measurements in the Apple Store.

The process of setting it up is very simple. To turn on Apple Visual Pro, you have to log in with the help of the QR code given on your iPhone and your vision is ready. While setting up, you will be shown instructions in Apple Vision Pro, you have to set it up accordingly Since it is set up according to your needs, only one person can use it at a time.

Features and specifications of Apple Vision Pro


The most important thing that has been used in Apple Vision Pro is its processor. Two processors have been used in Vision Pro to allow for complex 3D experiences.
Apple M2 chip which is a powerful chip has been used for the first time to run advanced graphics and VisionOS system smoothly.

A new Apple R1 chip is designed to process information from the camera and all sensors so it can transmit captured images in 12 milliseconds. and it’s optimized for understanding sensor, camera, and microphone inputs.

Eye Tracking System

The tracking mechanism within Apple Vision Pro uses LEDs and infrared cameras to project invisible light patterns onto the eyes, allowing precise tracking of eye movements. This eliminates the need for a controller, allowing users to select elements simply by looking at them and gesturing with their hands.


Apple Vision Pro’s Display Explained

Obviously, Apple has used the best and most efficient display technology OLED in its Vision Pro, and the same pixel density is 3,380 pixels per inch, a total of 23 million pixels.


For Vision Pro, Apple has used 12 cameras, 6 microphones, and 5 sensors on its outer side. To track the movements of hands and fingers. As you can see, it does 3D mapping so that it can be shown on the VR display with extremely accurate resolution.

Apple has added a high-precision eye-tracking system on the side of the Vision Pro which is a ring type that has a ring of LED illuminators and IR sensors so that it tracks the movement of the eyes and responds accordingly. You won’t need any other hardware to control it


One more thing we want to tell you is that Apple Vision Pro has an entirely new Spatial Audio system that delivers sound through dual-driver audio pods present on both sides. Ray tracing technology, which matches the sound to the acoustic properties of your enjoinment

Vision Pro Battery backup

The Vision Pro does not have an inbuilt battery, there is an option to install an Apple battery separately, although the Vision Pro comes with an external battery. And Apple claims that the battery backup is up to 2 hours.

Vision Pro – Design and build

Talking about the design of Vision Pro, Vision Pro looks like a futuristic goggle. It has three-dimensional glass in the front which is combined with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame. Additionally, there are several vents on the edge of the frame along with a few cameras and mics at the bottom.

The body of the Vision Pro comes with toe-type straps that are flexible and Spatial Audio-enabled audio pods on the sides. headband woven from fabric which can be attached or removed with a magnetic clip

Apple Vision Pro – Software and user interface

To handle Vision Pro’s high-end hardware and provide a good user experience, Apple has also launched its own entirely new spatial computing operating system VisionOS. It is similar to other Apple operating systems but is specifically designed for Vision Pro. read more facts about VisionOS

apple Apple-VisionOS all credit goes to Apple

There are not many apps in Apple VisionOS yet, only a few limited apps are available. But as the developer works on it, we will see many more apps.

Apple Vision Pro – Price and release date

The Vision Pro was unveiled on June 5, 2023, during Apple’s 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC23). It officially went on sale in the United States on February 2, 2024. Although its global release date is still pending, it marks an exciting development. , In technology.

Apple has launched the Apple Vision Pro with three storage variants and its price starts at $3,499 with 256GB of storage. $3699 for 512GB storage and 1TB storage.

you can also check the latest price here

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