TATA Punch EV 2024 A Comprehensive Review of Tata Motors Latest Electric Offering


TATA Motors has recently expanded its electric vehicle (EV) lineup with the introduction of the TATA Punch EV 2024. This mini SUV comes with a distinctive design, EV-specific features, and two power-train options. Priced starting from 11.99 Lakh (Ex. Showroom), the TATA Punch EV aims to make a mark in the competitive EV market. In this comprehensive review, we delve into the design, features, specifications, and overall positioning of the TATA Punch EV 2024.

TATA Punch EV 2024 Variants and Two Powertrain Options

TATA Punch EV 2024
VariantsStandard RangeLong-Range
Smart10.99 Lakh
Smart+11.49 Lakh
Adventure11.99 Lakh12.99 Lakh
Empowered12.79 Lakh13.99 Lakh
Empowered+Lakh13.29 Lakh14.49 Lakh
Tata Punch EV 2024 Price Chart

Design and Features

The TATA Punch EV 2024 distinguishes itself from its internal combustion engine (ICE) counterpart through unique EV-specific elements. Notable changes include a full-length LED Daytime Running Light (DRL), a closed front grille, and LED headlamps. Drawing inspiration from the recently launched Nexon.ev, the charging port has been strategically placed at the front, enhancing convenience.

TATA Punch EV 2024
TATA Punch Interior” Image Credit-TATA Motors

While the rear and side profiles retain familiarity, slight tweaks to the rear bumper, new alloys, and EV badging contribute to the EV identity. The interior, though largely similar to the ICE version, introduces a 10.25-inch infotainment display at the center. Dual-tone interior trims, touch-based climate control, and an illuminated TATA logo on the steering wheel add to the modern appeal.

TATA Punch EV 2024
TATA Punch Exterior” Image Credit-TATA Motors

Feature-wise, the TATA Punch EV 2024 boasts an impressive list, including leather seats, 360° cameras with blind spot monitoring, wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, ventilated seats for rear passengers, air purifier, and electronic parking brakes. The inclusion of these features aligns the Punch.ev with the expectations of tech-savvy and safety-conscious consumers.
Here you can see TATA Punch EV 2024 More Deteils


The TATA Punch EV 2024 is available in two powertrain options: Standard and Long-Range, each equipped with distinct motors, power outputs, and ranges.

TATA Punch EV 2024StandardLong-Range
Battery pack25 kWh35 kWh
ARAI Claimed Range315 Km110 Km/hr
Top Speed110 Km/hr140 Km/hr
Max. Torque114 Nm190 Nm
Max. Power82 PS122 PS
Charging Time10-80% in 56 mins via 50 kW DC fast charger
10-100% in 3.6 hrs via 7.2 kW AC Home Charger
10-100% in 9.4 hrs via 3.3 kW AC Home Charger
10-80% in 56 mins via 50 kW DC fast charger
10-100% in 5 hrs via 7.2 kW AC Home Charger
10-100% in 13.5 hrs via 3.3 kW AC Home Charger
Specification Table
TATA Punch EV 2024 English Review

Here you can see TATA Punch EV 2024 More Deteils


The TATA Punch EV 2024 represents a commendable effort by TATA Motors in the electric vehicle segment. The distinctive design, coupled with an array of features, makes it an attractive proposition for potential buyers. However, the pricing, starting at 11.99 Lakh (Ex. Showroom), positions it in close competition with the existing TATA Nexon.ev, raising questions about market differentiation.

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Furthermore, the pricing for the top models may need reconsideration to establish a unique selling proposition (USP) compared to competitors in the market. Despite these considerations, the TATA Punch.ev offers a promising option for consumers looking to embrace electric mobility with a reputable automotive brand. As the electric vehicle landscape continues to evolve, TATA Motors’ commitment to innovation remains evident in the Punch.ev, making it a notable contender in the growing market.

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